My son is three years old and has now been attending Bring'em Young Academy for over a year now and he still loves going there. I have become more and more impressed over time with what he has learned in that short amount of time he's been there.

He knows his alphabets, his numbers 1-20, all his colors, and so much more. Last night he told me about astronauts going on missions to planet Mars.

We are very blessed to have found Ms. Gloria. She takes care of the kids like her own and very involved with their learning and development. She has so many activities planned for the kids like visiting the fire station, going to the library, Halloween party, Christmas and so much more.

I seriously am very impressed with all that he is learning and being taught at such a young age. I couldn't be happier with this school and my son's progress.

Guerline P.    08/10/15

If there were more stars available this place would get them all. My son has been here for three years. My son started here at four months of age. This is his second home, he even calls Mrs. Gloria mommy. :) Some moms would be offended but I see it as a great thing. Not only does it show how much my son loves her but that she is caring and nurturing. I have no worries while I am at work. I know that my son is being taken care of. Mrs. Gloria has a great learning program.  At pick up each child is given a report of what they ate, nap time, potty time, the letter and number they worked on for the day, and an art project. The kids are on a schedule and learn so much! Even the play time has learning involved. For example, if the kids prepare meals they learn measurements, counting, colors etc. Each season she preforms these awesome plays. The kids all ages have a part, even the babies. I can not express enough how awesome and gifted Mrs. Gloria is. My son is now three and a half, he knows how to count to 20, he knew his colors (years ago), he knows the alphabet, he even knows sight words and numbers! This is all because of this daycare, believe me I was a stay at home mom with my older children and I did not do half the stuff this daycare does. I owe a lot of thanks to Bring'em Young Academy.

Shelli S. 07/1/2015

My son attends this school. He has developed in leaps and bounds since enrolling here. Ms. Gloria is a fantastic teacher, and I highly recommend her affordable, competitive, and we'll run daycare.

Michael M. 7/1/2015

Mrs. Gloria and Bring'em Young Academy has been such a HUGE blessing in our lives. As a mother of 1 year old twins and a 3 year old I was extremely hesitant as to whether someone could handle the amount of attention and energy they required. Mrs. Gloria had a true gift to relate to each of my children's needs from the moment I dropped them off on the very first day. My children adore Mrs. Gloria and talk about her on the weekend and are happy to get in the car to see her on Monday! As a teacher it is vital for my children to be in an academically enriched environment, but I was not ready to send them to a large learning facility. Bring'em Young is truly the best of both worlds. Mrs. Gloria puts an incredible amount of time into the kids' activities. Each day they come home with a detailed report of their day and a purposeful and fun lesson(s) that they have worked on. I would recommend Bring'em Young over and over again and can only pray we find someone so loving and knowledgeable as Mrs. Gloria again!

Nicole W 03/30/2014
Choosing someone that will be around your child/children for such a majority of their day is extremely important. The encouragment, development and overall happiness of that child is #1. As parents, we couldn't be happier when we found Ms. Gloria and Bring'em Young Academy. Our daughter has developed so quickly and she is encouraged everyday to exercise her manners, artistic talents, vocabulary & motor skills, and her independency - and she's happy doing it. She looks forward to seeing Ms. Gloria every day and all her friends that she has been around since she was 7 months old - she is now 3. Ms. Gloria will always be considered family as she has been such a vital and very important part in our daughters development - and we couldn't be prouder parents!

Tamara M.Fulde 03/25/2013

We absolutely love this daycare! My husband and I had tried a couple other home daycares before we found Ms.Gloria and none of them were ran as efficiently as Bring'em Young Academy. We've been taking our son to Bring'em Young Academy for the past two years and in that time we have noticed a vast improvement in our childs' social and academic skills. Ms. Gloria always keeps the parents up to date with thier childs activities by filling out daily in-depth progress reports, and my child always comes home with at least two projects related to what they learned that day. Our son has become very attached to Ms. Gloria and we see her as part of our family.

Yellowpages User 03/23/2013

Mrs. Gloria is wonderful! My son has been in her care since he was 8mos old. He is now 2 1/2 and he loves it! She cares for the kids like they are her own. I really love the pre-school aspect and that she teaches them. He comes home with daily projects and report of how his day went which I LOVE!

Lengie22 03/22/2013
You will never find someone who can love and take care of your kid(s) better than yourself, but Gloria gives it her all to do so. I had my son with her from the time he was 4 months until he was three. We had to move states and had a hard time finding someone who measured up. She is always looking for new, fun and exciting ways for the kids to learn. By the time we moved my son knew his ABC's, colors, numbers, shapes and emotions. The care and devotion Gloria has for the kids is undeniable and you will see that the first time you meet her.

Rhambright 03/20/2013
Kyle has exceeded Kindergarten requirements for public schools and we don't want him to be bored this coming year. We are looking into private schools for him to attend Kindergarten. We will miss you so much Ms. Gloria.

SB 12/15/12
Gloria, "the Q & U wedding ceremony was so adorable. I hope she enjoyed it because this is the last time I will let her get hooked up".

(LOL) A concerned father, SF. 10/16/2012
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